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Manchester City Council (MCC) is a Local Authority with energy and ambition.  If we are to achieve our vision for Manchester to be in the top flight of world-class cities by 2025, the City must develop and sustain a competitive, dynamic and sustainable economy that is able to draw on the City’s strengths in science, manufacturing, culture and creative business – cultivating and encouraging new ideas whilst developing an infrastructure that supports a broad range of activity. 

In future, the City’s people will be highly skilled, enterprising and industrious.  The City will be connected both internationally (and in the UK) and it will make a tangible contribution to efforts to limit climate change.  It will be a place where residents from all backgrounds can feel safe, aspire, succeed and live well in a clean, culturally rich, outward looking and welcoming city.

At Manchester City Council, our ability to harness technology to improve the City's liveability, sustainability and connectivity will underpin such ambitions and its iterative transition to becoming a city that will transform lives.