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ICT Operating Principles

Operating Principles

Service availability is number 1 priority  for ICT

  • ICT services will not be federated within  directorates. ICT’s Business Engagement  Team will align by Directorates; they will  understand their business needs

  • SLAs / OLAs will be the backbone by  which ICT will deliver and respond

  • The principle of ICT in MCC is to ‘Buy not  Build’ technical solutions

  • ICT delivered solutions will be kept ‘Vanilla’  or ‘Standard - Out of the Box’ wherever  possible

  • “Logical” ICT functions to be grouped  together

Operating Hours

ICT is a 24/7, 365 operation

  • Core hours: 07.45 – 18.30 Monday to  Friday
  • Out of Hours: 18.31 – 07.44 Monday to  Friday, and 24/7 Saturday, Sunday and  Bank Holidays
  • Out of Hours support will be provided  around MCC defined ‘Critical Services  SLA’s via an on call rota only

Our ICT Strategy Behaviours


We respect and support all areas of  MCC and our partners equally.


We believe in ourselves, each  other, our services and our Council.


We model best practice and  ethical behaviours.


We all own our actions,  promises and professional behaviours and  respect all.


We value innovation and  creativity and unlock the potential of our business.

Social Value

We will maximise the social,  economic and environmental benefits for our  communities through the awarding of contracts.


We protect our people, our data and  our council from cyber and security threats.